Home #

Hi, I’m Mohammed Salman. I’m a computer science graduate from UITC, and I’m currently working on my startup. This site is a place to gather information about me, and to post some of my thoughts.

Current Work #

My final year project at UITC, conducted in collaboration with DDC, involved developing a system for managing scientific departments. This project was successful, and since then I branched the system out to incorporate an E-Learning platform to be used by schools all over Iraq and potentially international schools as well.

The current iteration of the system is written in Go – my language of choice at the moment. The admin dashboard is written in React and the main mobile application is written using Flutter.

Technical Interests #

Nowadays, my main interest is in designing systems and writing back-end code. When doing this, I enjoy working in the terminal using vim, tmux and zsh (my dotfiles can be found here). The languages I’m most comfortable in are Go, TypeScript and Dart.

Side Projects #

  • Hassah Book: An online boostore that makes it easier to browse and buy physical books since it’s hard to obtain original copies of books in Iraq. Stack: I used TypeScript, Node, and GraphQL to build the backend and Flutter to build the mobile app as for the admin dashboard I used React.

  • Hassah School: An E-Learning platform aimed for schools to make learning from home much easier as well as helping with the student-school interactions and making it easy for parents to track their childrens progress. Stack: I used Go to build the backend and Flutter for building the mobile application.

The word ‘Hassah’ means ‘Now’ or ‘Just a sec’ in Iraqi Arabic.

More Information #

You can find more information about me on my LinkedIn and my GitHub.

Mohammed Salman • 2021